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Transform Your Life. If you're on the hunt for a new Way to earn a stable, high income from home, then keep reading.

The difference between those that succeed and fail is when they stopped trying.

Kelley Foot, 2022

The past two years have made daily survival a challenge for all of us. We've gone from lockdowns, housing crises, and lost jobs deep into the heart of inflation and gas prices that are wreaking havoc on our lives…

A woman shocked at the gas price while filling up her car's tank.

You've probably felt the pinch yourself.

Your grocery cart has been a little bit less full, even though you're spending just as much. Your gas tank isn't giving you the same kind of mileage… Heck, even ordering fast food feels like dining at a 4-Star restaurant.

If you have a limited budget, but still need to upgrade your lifestyle, ToucanWin could be the platform you've been waiting for.

Don Fiechter, 2022

"Hard" is an understatement. Times have been extremely challenging.

But luckily, ToucanWin has created a way for driven, intelligent, and focused people like you to establish a new income for themselves that has the potential to transform their lives, and their families' lives forever.

Transfrom Your Life
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Here's what it's all about.

ToucanWin has shaken the auction world, creating an intersection of opportunity between Bidders, Auctioneers, and Social Influencers that's the most powerful revenue generation system that the industry has ever seen.

ToucanWin Founders Kelley Foote and Don Fiechter came together creating this "Category Changing" Business Plan.

Hands emerging from a laptop screen and presenting a bag of money.

Kelly Foote

  • Network Marketing Icon
  • Build 3 teams over 100,000 Associates
  • Consulted for 475 NM Companies
  • Wrote over 300 compensation plans
  • Global leader & trainer
Hands emerging from a laptop screen and presenting a bag of money.

Don Fiechter

  • 32 year veteran in the gaming/casino industry
  • Ran his own software company for 25 years
  • Helped over 250 Native American communities start successful gaming operations

These men have been in the marketing and gaming industry for a combined 50+ years and have stellar reputations, having done business with and led hundreds of entities over the years.

ToucanWin is the real deal, operated by real, compassionate people, and is a genuine opportunity to earn.

Let's break it down.

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Let's say ToucanWin auctions a $100 gas card…

Picture of a gift card with a red bow.

…and the winning bidder gets wins it for only $10. Remember, each penny bid equals $1. So the winning $10 bid, which is 1,000 pennies, actually brought in $1000.

So ToucanWin sends the lucky winning bidder the $100 gas card, which leaves $900 in revenue. $1000-$100 = $900.

Let's compare that to a traditional direct sales company. They sell a product for $100, the same value as our gas card. Their product cost is around 10-20%, overhead is 20% and they want to make a fair 10% profit. So their total cost per sale is 50%

That means at the very best, they can only payout 50% in commissions, or $50.

So what company do you want to be part of for every $100 sale?

A road sign that reads No Brainer Just Ahead

This is going to generate amazing revenue for our Associates AND that's not even the exciting part!

Now let us show you how our Social Influencer Income Plan works or…

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ToucanWin Crowdfunded Auctions start in one place…

…everyone joins ToucanWin by registering with a sponsor first. Sponsors are everywhere, if you are reading this then you have likely already found one.

Once registered, new Bidfluencers can then purchase bid packages and start participating in any of the ToucanWin auctions, including cash, crypto, premium merchandise, cars, and more.

Bidfluencers can also earn by referring people in their circle of social influence to ToucanWin. The referring sponsor gets 10% commission on every bid their team members purchase.

Sign-up costs absolutely NOTHING, and ToucanWin makes selling incredibly easy - Bidfluencers have a variety of free tools like a referral link, a website, back office reports, and shareable videos to easily engage your peers.

Oh but it gets better.

ToucanWin offers comprehensive training through ToucanWin University, where you can level up and become a Successful Bidfluencer, with access to in-depth training, more commissions, and the coveted Social Influencer bonus pools that can earn you record breaking income.

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Successful Bidfluencers get a real leg up on the competition…

…and becoming one is way easier than you think.

All you need to do is register for a ToucanWin University course from your back office. For $39.99, the cost of a night out with your friends, you could be well on your way to financial freedom.

Online successful Bidfluencer training will include ongoing course material updates that cover: Social Media Marketing and Self-development.

We strongly recommend that you schedule your training and complete it as quickly as possible.


Because this will allow you to pass the Bidquiz, which gives you access to far more revenue generation potential.

Secure Your New Income
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Here's where things get really interesting…

For starters, you'll instantly earn 10% more commission per bid purchased.

That's 20% commission in total.

You'll also instantly unlock access to the 10 global bonus pools that pay out based on your contribution as well as the monthly peak performer bonus payment.

ToucanWin pays 50% of net revenue back into these pools which are divided among the Bidfluencers at each level.

Getting access to these bonus pools starts with signing up at ToucanWin University, passing the Bidquiz, and becoming a Successful Bidfluencer.

So you can literally be earning extra income in your very first week.

Here's the thing-

These pools become increasingly exclusive at the top, and despite paying out less as pools escalate, payments are split among fewer and fewer recipients.

If you make your way to the top, you'll be among a handful of individuals raking in generationally transformational wealth.

It's that simple!

Even if your aspirations aren't that huge, ToucanWin is a phenomenal opportunity to generate a replacement part-time residual income or even a full-time income.

So sign up now and start building your circle!

Remember, you'll have the help of our dedicated teaching staff the entire way.

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