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Who else wants to win big prizes for a handful of pennies?! ToucanWin has made it possible for you to win items that you've only ever been able to dream of, for 80-90% off their retail price.

Man wearing a luxury watch.

A watch that costs 40% of your yearly salary. Even items as expensive as a sports car or yacht. The possibilities are limitless with ToucanWin's revolutionary Social Influencers Income Plan.

There's a big problem with retail shopping right now. Especially with the way the economy is going.

Everything's going up, which means shoppers are getting fewer and fewer opportunities to save.

If you have a limited budget, but still need to upgrade your lifestyle, ToucanWin could be the platform you've been waiting for.

Sign that reads go.

Here's how it works.

Items are put up for auction on the ToucanWin platform, with every item starting at $0.00. A single bid increases the price of the item being auctioned by 1 penny and resets the bid clock by 15 to 20 seconds.

Before items can be won, a reserve price (a fraction of the item's retail value) must be hit, triggering the auctions to GO "live".

Live auctions levy a Tardy Toll on any new bidders that want to enter the fray after the auction has gone live.

ToucanWin has implemented the Tardy Toll as a "safety measure" for bidders like yourself, to prevent auction snipers from popping in at the last minute to participate.

Instead of being stuck in a never-ending line of bidders who continually bid you up, you'll only have to compete against highly engaged bidders.

Picture of an excited man and woman celebrating in front of a laptop.

And if a bid never goes live?

No problem!

All bids will be returned if your item of interest never goes live.

So you'll always have another chance to win big!

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Did we mention you can get Free Bids?

You can be gifted bids by a referring Bidfluencer, or purchase one of many bid pack options.

Hands emerging from a laptop screen and presenting a bag of money.

Gifted bids must be spent within 10 days or they return to the referring Bidfluencer.

If you weren't lucky enough to receive some gifted bids, don't stress.

You can purchase a variety of bid packs from the ToucanWin website, and if you're looking for savings you can get started with one of our Smart bid subscription packages!

Our Smart bid packages come with bonus bids to keep you in the game longer.

A profile picture of Mr. Pennyworth.

There's also an automated bid system - Mr. Pennyworth - to simplify your bidding process, and place intelligent bids, so you can bid while you binge Netflix.

Mr. Penny worth costs $10 per month with our $50 smart bid package, and his price gets slashed in half with our $100 package and is free with every package above that.

There is no other auction platform on the market giving away this much free value.

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Most auction companies…

…want you dumping endless amounts of cash into their platform, hoping to win big without any real chance of doing so.

Airplane flying overhead while dropping money.

But not ToucanWin, ToucanWin gives more than it gets with 75% of all auction profits being paid back out to the Flock. With many ways to engage in our platform you can build a thriving business or fund your next vacation. The choice is up to you.

Their Bidfluencer compensation plan allows you to tap into ToucanWin's own revenue so you can:
  • Fund your bids
  • Find a part-time income
  • Replace a full-time income with something residual and easy to manage.
Airplane flying overhead while dropping money.

Don't want to become a Bidfluencer?

That's fine!

Simply use the referal link provided to every free bidder, and encourage your friends to sign up.

You'll get 10% of all of their bid purchases which will allow you to fund continued bids on your account.

Don't Miss Out.

ToucanWin have really gone above and beyond to create an ecosystem that serves everyone involved.

As a bidder you can claim free bids daily, receive gifted bids from your sponsor, purchase a bid package or subscribe to a smart bid contract monthly, and win luxury items for 80-90% off retail price.

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